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BiggerPockets and TransUnion Full Credit Report powered by RentPrep have partnered to bring you one easy-to-use interface to easily screen tenants and manage reports FASTER than ever before.

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We believe in helping you throughout your investment process. BiggerPockets's tenant screening service, developed in collaboration with RentPrep, provides all the tenant screening tools you need—in one place.

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Full credit report with score

SSN verification/address history

Nationwide eviction report

Judgment and liens


Nationwide criminal & sex offender search

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Why is tenant screening important?

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Every landlord wants to find the best tenants—ones who will maintain the property as if it were their own, pay rent on time, and let you know proactively if any problems arise. But if you're relying on guesswork and good vibes to evaluate prospective tenants, you'll eventually run into trouble. You want to rent to great tenants, not mediocre ones that only seem great on the surface.

That's why a tenant background check and credit check is an essential to-do before signing a lease. With the information gleaned from BiggerPockets's tenant screening tools, you'll learn if a potential renter tends to pay their bills on time—or if they have several accounts in bad standing. Have they been convicted of property damage? You can find out with a criminal history.

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Easily indicate if you, the landlord, or the prospective tenant should pay for the screening ($40/screening).

By submitting the report, the service sends an auto generated link to the tenant so they can complete their application.

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You're notified when screening is complete and can easily download and review the report.

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