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September 13 - November 21

Learn how to buy your first investment property with BiggerPockets Rookie Podcast co-host, Ashley Kehr and expert investor, Tyler Madden.

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Choose the best investing strategy for you and prepare to close your first deal with the Rookie Bootcamp! This 10-week bootcamp covers important topics like investing strategies, finding and funding deals, analyzing properties, making offers, and more. 

You and about 500 other Rookie Bootcampers will watch weekly lecture videos, complete homework assignments, attend live, online Q&A sessions with your instructors, participate in accountability groups to keep you on track, and network with fellow Bootcampers.  

Bootcamp overview

Course Dates:
September 13 - November 21

Live Session Schedule:
Weekly on Mondays @ 8 p.m. ET

Time Commitment:
2 hours per week

What's Included:
Weekly video content, live Q&A class sessions, exclusive resources, and classmates for accountability and support

Ashley Kehr, co-host of the BiggerPockets Rookie Podcast and Tyler Madden, CEO of Laurelless

The Rookie Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to learn from Ashley Kehr, Tyler Madden, other experts, and your fellow classmates through a variety of features:

Bootcamp features

Video course content
Before the weekly Q&A sessions, you'll complete your coursework online, including short, pre-recorded lectures from Ashley and Tyler. Plus, you'll have access to your video lectures after the bootcamp ends.

Live Q&A sessions
Meet as a group online at the end of each week to ask questions about the course material. 

Weekly homework assignments
Tackle weekly homework assignments like time tracking or deal analysis to keep you on track.

Access to accountability groups
Optional accountability groups give you the opportunity to connect with your classmates in smaller groups and cheer each other on throughout the course.

Exclusive resources and worksheets
Get exclusive resources and worksheets, designed by your instructor, to track progress, make decisions, and more. 

Agent Finder Concierge
Work with the BiggerPockets Concierge service to find and connect with investor-friendly real estate agents in your area.

What people are saying

The BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Bootcamp is the lifeline you need! I gained a fantastic network and vanquished my analysis paralysis to get a deal under contract in 90 days!

– Danie Stover
Rookie Bootcamp Participant

Each week, you and your classmates will learn from Ashley, Tyler, and other expert investing guests about the topic of the week. The course is structured to follow you step-by-step as you learn and grow from real estate rookie to first time investor.


Real estate investing strategies

Understand the different ways to invest in real estate and choose the right strategy for you, right now.

Choosing a market & finding deals

Learn how to choose the right geographic market to invest in, based on your goals, and find the best deals.

Funding deals

Review different types of loans, partnerships, and financing options to feel confident in your plan to fund your first deal.

Analyzing deals and estimating costs

Use our exclusive resources to walk step-by-step through analyzing deals to practice making investment decisions.

Making offers and negotiating

Learn strategies to make offers, negotiate, and ultimately close the deal.

Building your team

Learn about recommended vendors and support systems to set up as you prepare to become a landlord.

Pro Annual membership benefits

In addition to your Real Estate Rookie Bootcamp, BiggerPockets Pro Annual membership helps you become a better investor.

 You'll gain unlimited access to deal analysis tools, digest educational content, and engage with our community to find and close your next deal faster. 

Analysis calculators and rent estimator tools

Analyze investment properties in minutes—and determine which ones are worth pursuing.

Pro Exclusive events and bootcamps

Grow your network and your knowledge base at in-person and  virtual meet-ups, events and courses.

Pro exclusive videos and articles

Get access to curated article and video content, plus exclusive reports covering everything you need to make smart investments and avoid bad markets.

Lawyer-approved lease agreements

Save time and money and minimize risk with lawyer-approved lease documents for all 50 states.

What is BiggerPockets?

BiggerPockets' mission is to help people find personal freedom and financial flexibility through real estate investing. We are the complete resource for learning and succeeding in real estate investing, bringing education, support, and tools together in one place. Aspiring and experienced investors alike can tap into the knowledge of more than 2+ million members, and learn from content spanning across podcasts, blog, webinars, videos, virtual bootcamps, and more.

Are you ready to learn how to purchase your first investment property?

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Join our 10-week bootcamp designed to prepare real estate investing rookies like you to take the first step toward personal freedom and financial flexibility.



Bootcamps are available to Pro Annual members only and are priced at a discount.


Meet your instructors,
Ashley Kehr and Tyler Madden

Ashley is the host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Podcast. She purchased her first rental property in 2014 and since then has grown her buy and hold portfolio to over 30 units. She has experience in residential and commercial properties and credits much of her success to the use of partners on several real estate deals and creative financing. 

Tyler is the CEO and owner of Laurelless, a bespoke remodel and renovation company in Denver, Colorado. In addition to running a successful client-facing business, he also has a growing real-estate portfolio consisting of single-family homes and small multifamily properties in Denver.

Enrollment is now open.

Bootcamp Bonus Features!

All fall BiggerPockets Bootcamp students will receive FREE access to a mini-tax course with expert CPA,  Amanda Han. This introductory tax course will help you unlock the power of tax savings as a real estate investor so you save smart and don’t run the risk of overpaying. Once you have completed the bootcamp, you’ll receive instructions on how to enroll.  



Enroll now to receive a free ebook copy of the book Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner. Bonus! You’ll also receive a 20% discount for any title in the BiggerPockets bookstore!