Rental Property Investing Made Simple.

(But Maybe Not Easy!)

Cash flow and wealth don't happen overnight.

But if you are willing to work hard and invest smart, these TWO New Books are designed to help you achieve your financial goals through the power of rental properties. 

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Get the TWO books designed to change the way you buy and manage rental properties!

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“There are plenty of books out there aimed at providing the motivation to want to buy rental properties, but there are very few books that provide a detailed, step-by-step framework for accomplishing real estate success.  Brandon Turner’s The Book on Rental Property Investing does that, and does it in a way that puts financial freedom through real estate within reach of anyone who wants it.”


 “I have not read a more comprehensive discussion in my 20 years of investing. This is a great reference for beginners and experienced rental owners!”

"There are hundreds of books about rental property investing.  You can read them all, or you can save yourself a lot of time and just read this one. This book is an A to Z guide for the real estate investor.  Not just buying and selling, but strategic planning which is all too often forgotten.  The real-world examples really drive it home."

J Scott, Author of The Book on Flipping Houses,

Al Williamson,

Brian Burke, Praxis Capital,


 “If you've met Brandon in person you've noticed something about him... he's a BIG GUY. When you watch his videos, hear him speak or, in this case, read his thoughts, you'll notice something else about Brandon... he has a BIG PASSION for real estate investment. In "The Book on Rental Property" Brandon fuses that passion with a system-driven, business-mindedness that provides... a very BIG RESOURCE to help establish and achieve your personal investment goals.”

Bill Syrios, Stewardship Properties

The Book on Rental Property Investing

Practical, real-world advice for those looking to build wealth and cash flow through rental properties!

Why Many Real Estate Investors Fail

And the mindset, processes, and systems you'll need to succeed.

Numerous Easy-to-Follow Strategies

Gurus love to tell you about some single "secret" method to build wealth. Instead, you'll learn numerous!

Finding Deals, Financing Properties, Management, and More.

This comprehensive guide will give you exactly what you need to get your first, or next, rental property.

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The Subtle Mindset Shift That Will Increase Your Success 10x!

Discover how a simple change to your thinking will help you manage more properties, in less time, and have more fun doing it. 

Finding Good Tenants Can Be Difficult

That's why you'll learn numerous low-cost strategies for attracting and screening the best tenants... who won’t rip you off.

Get Your Tenants to Pay on Time and Stay Long Term!

Turnover is often the largest expense for a landlord, but this book will show you how to manage tenants in a way that will keep them staying and paying.

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No matter how great you are at finding good rental property deals, you could lose everything if you don’t manage your properties correctly! 

The Book on Managing Rental Properties

About The Authors

Brandon and Heather Turner are active real estate investors in Western Washington State. They started investing in real estate at the age of twenty-one, quickly discovering the wealth-building  opportunities that are made possible through rental properties. Their portfolio consists of single family homes, small multifamily properties, and a 24-unit apartment complex.

Additionally, Brandon can be heard weekly on the BiggerPockets Podcast or on the BiggerPockets Webinars. 

When not investing in real estate, Brandon and Heather enjoy traveling, playing music, and playing with Charlie and Ruby, their two small dogs (who are usually chasing their two cats.) 

"I wish I had this book before I made all of my expensive property management mistakes! In this book Brandon and Heather Turner have covered the biggest challenges for landlords and solved each one with nifty, step-by-step systems.  I literally gave the information in Chapter 6 on tenant prescreening to my own team and said 'use this!' It's that good.”  

“This landlording bible would have prevented hundreds of hours of ulcer-inducing moments for me! If there was one book out there on being a successful landlord, this is the one I would recommend.” 
“It's practical, real, and comes across very open and unbiased… This is great for beginners as well as anyone who is in another field of real estate investing looking to cross over.”

Chad Carson,

Elizabeth Colegrove,

Lisa Phillips,


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Plus, get four exclusive bonuses and 30+ landlord forms just for ordering either package from BiggerPockets. 

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  • Video/Mp3: 8 never-before-seen interviews with rental property investors - over 5 hours of content!
  • Video: The Truth About Investing in $30,000 Rental Houses
  • Video: The 10 Most-Common Dangers Real Estate Investors Face (and How to Avoid Them) 
  • Forms: 30+ Sample Forms for Your Landlording Busines




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  • Video/Mp3: 8 never-before-seen interviews with rental property investors - over 5 hours of content!
  • Video: The Truth About Investing in $30,000 Rental Houses
  • Video: The 10 Most-Common Dangers Real Estate Investors Face (and How to Avoid Them) 
  • Forms: 30+ Sample Forms for Your Landlording Business


Get BOTH books in digital format (PDF, Mobi, and ePub) AND a paperback copy of each, PLUS for a limited time only, BOTH audiobooks are included with purchase!  That's a $60 value! And you get the following great bonuses:


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The Book on Rental Property Investing Audiobook



Interested in just listening to The Book on Rental Property Investing in your car, at the gym, or wherever you go? Download the Mp3 today - read by Brandon Turner, the author!  (Bonus content not available with this package. For that, pick one of the packages above!)

The Book on Managing Rental Properties Audiobook


Brush up on your landlording skills anywhere with the audiobook version of The Book on Managing Rental Properties, read by the author! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are These Books For?

Anyone who wants to use rental properties to build wealth.

  • Newbies will love the in-depth, comprehensive knowledge to help them get their first deal.
  • Those with a few deals under their belt will love the strategies and systems for taking their business to a new level.
  • And experienced investors will love the tips and tricks that will help them button down their business and create more profit with less work.

These books are truly designed for everyone who has or every will buy a rental property.

What If I Want A Refund?

We are so confident that these book will absolutely blow you away that we offer a 100% no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. If these books don't help you and your real estate investing - we will refund your entire purchase amount, within 30 days.  For a refund request, just send an email to Refunds not applicable for books purchased on Amazon. 

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

This question is quite common, so let's address it. While we can't tell you the exact meaning of life, we can tell you a few things we are confident are NOT the meaning of life. Slaving away at a 9-5 job for forty years, just to retire on what's left of our social security system is not the meaning of life. Not having enough financial resources to support your favorite charity is not the meaning of life. Missing your kids' soccer games, drama club plays, and ballet recitals because you were too busy working is not the meaning of life. I think most Americans can agree to those. So why do so many people spend their lives worshipping at the alter of work? Free yourself. Refuse to be part of a culture that values work over relationships. Find ways to create passive income so you can build your own dreams rather than spend the next decade building someone else's. Stop buying so much crap you don't need to impress people you don't like. Don't let society dictate your destiny. Get out there. Travel. Take risks. Read. Love. And then give back. 

Oh, and pick up a copy of these books. It'll help. 

Which Package Should I Buy?

To provide the most value but still make sure everyone can afford to read these books, BiggerPockets has released the books in several price packages:

Digital Bundle: If you don't want a physical copy of these books to keep on your shelf, but only plan to read the book on your iPad, Kindle, or other e-reader, choose the Digital+Bonus Bundle. All four bonuses, including forms, will come with this version of the books.

Ultimate Bundle: Get the best of both worlds. Get the digital content today, delivered straight to your email inbox. This includes all digital bonus content. PLUS, get a physical paperback copy of the book shipped straight to your doorstep. Please allow 10-14 days for shipping of the physical books... we're running as fast as we can!

Paperback Only (From Amazon): Get either book (or both) directly from the Amazon store. Bonus material not included for this option.




Paperwork comes with the territory for landlords. Which is why we've included over thirty sample forms (in PDF and Doc format) to help you on your landlording journey! 

  • Annual Lease Agreement
  • Estoppel Agreement
  • Potential Tenant Phone Questionnaire
  • Application Process & Qualifying Standards
  • Rental Application
  • Adverse Action Notice (accepted)
  • Adverse Action Notice (denied)
  • Employment Verification Form
  • Previous Landlord Reference Form
  • Co-signer Agreement Form
  • New Tenant Acceptance Letter
  • New Tenant Orientation
  • Pet Addendum
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Move-in / Move-out Condition Report
  • Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint
  • Roommate/Economic Unit Addendum
  • Lease Renewal Decision Form
  • Rental Lease Extension Agreement
  • Property Inspection Checklist
  • Work Order/ Maintenance Request
  • Courtesy Late Rent Notice
  • Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate
  • Notice to Comply with Lease Agreement
  • Notice to Enter
  • Change in Terms of Lease Addendum
  • Notice to Vacate Form
  • Acknowledgement of Notice to Vacate
  • Itemized List of Common Deductions
  • Tenant Duty Checklist
  • Forwarding Address Form for Deposit Refund
  • Move-Out Survey
  • Disposition of Deposit

Do You Sell In Bulk Orders? 

For orders of ten copies or more of either book, email with your request. Significant discounts are given for group orders, up to 30%. 

Why Should I Buy These Books?

Financial freedom seems to be everyone’s goal, but very few ever find it. At BiggerPockets, we believe financial freedom is in reach of anyone willing to take the time to learn the best ways to grow wealth - and rental properties are one of the best ways to accomplish this.

BiggerPockets commissioned the writing of these two books because although there are numerous books in existence already about this subject, most were written in an economic time very different from today. We wanted to show people that rental property investing still works, and now is a great time to get involved. Furthermore, these books go deeper than any other real estate book we’ve read, which is why we broke the book into TWO, massive books. With over 800 pages combined, these books will give you everything you need to find success with rental properties, no matter where you are at in your investing journey.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Books?

Originally these books were going to be just one book, but it soon became obvious that rental property investing really has two phases: The Acquisition/Growth phase and the management phase. Therefore, the books were split and the authors dove DEEP into both phases, giving you everything you need to know to be successful with rental properties.

In The Book on Rental Property Investing, Brandon shares the strategies needed to build a thriving rental property portfolio, including discussions on making a plan, setting goals, building your team, finding great deals, analyzing deals, making offers, negotiating with sellers, exit strategies, and two chapters on managing tenants.

In The Book on Managing Rental Properties, Brandon joined with his wife Heather to share exactly how to manage tenants in your rental property portfolio, including discussions on setting up your landlording business for success, dealing with inherited tenants, avoiding fair housing complaints and lawsuits, advertising your vacant properties, screening for excellent tenants, showing properties, signing the lease, dealing with tenant drama, evicting tenants, and more.

Over 50,000 Books Sold!


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Rental properties can be one of the world's best ways to build wealth and passive income - just ask any of these guests! In these nine videos (or audio, if you'd like!), you'll learn how today's top rental property owners find deals (even in hot, competitive markets), finance their deals (using some highly creative methods!) and manage their impressive portfolios. Over 5 amazing hours of content from: 

  • Brian Burke
  • Chad Carson
  • Ben Leybovich
  • Serge Shukhat
  • Bill Syrios
  • Al Williamson
  • Enrique Jevons
  • and Kevin Perk



Analyzing deals can be hard - because it's more than just the numbers! That's why in this one-hour video, Brandon Turner walks you through a detailed analysis of a rental house in his area in incredible detail. Brandon shows how to analyze deals by hand, as well as the process for analyzing deals on the BiggerPockets Rental Property Calculator. 

Put on your nerd glasses and let's get down & dirty with an analysis!


Why do so many rental property owners end up failing, despite the mountain of information at their fingertips? In this exclusive video hosted by Brandon Turner, author of The Book on Rental Property Investing, you'll discover ten dangers that cause many investors to fail, give up, or never get started in the first place. 

Don't let your enthusiasm end in disaster. Learn how to avoid the dangers and find true success!


In some areas of the country, you can pick up rental properties for $30,000 or even less. Some investors rave about their incredible returns, but others tell horror stories. In this HD video, Brandon Turner (author of The Book on Rental Property Investing) shares insight into the dangers of buying these types of properties, as well as the caveats that can make these investments prime for your portfolio.

Don't miss a second of this powerful video!