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BiggerPockets gives aspiring and experienced investors alike the education, support, and tools they need to succeed in real estate investing — all in one place.



Key Benefits

What does your company offer that will improve or solve a problem? Explain the pain point being alleviated.

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Current Real Estate Market News

The housing market correction that began in the second half of 2022 has continued into the first quarter of 2023. Read our report to learn about a market ripe with both risk and reward.

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What is BiggerPockets?

BiggerPockets' mission is to help people find personal freedom and financial flexibility through real estate investing. We are the complete resource for learning and succeeding in real estate investing, bringing education, support, and tools together in one place. Aspiring and experienced investors alike can tap into the knowledge of more than 2+ million members, and learn from content spanning across podcasts, blog, webinars, videos, virtual bootcamps, and more.


Q1 2023 Macroeconomic Trends

  • Inflation
  • Labor
  • The Banking Crisis
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

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Q1 2023 Real Estate Trends

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Dave Meyer is the Vice President of Data and Analytics at BiggerPockets. In this role he is responsible for researching and reporting on current conditions impacting the real estate investing climate. Dave sources original datasets and conducts his own analyses in an effort to provide unique and unbiased information to real estate investors. He shares his insights regularly on BiggerPockets’ blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, webinars, and podcasts.

Dave has been investing in real estate since 2010 and has experience with rental properties, short-term rentals, and multifamily investing. He is the author of the best-selling book Real Estate by the Numbers and hosts the popular real estate news and economics podcast On the Market. Dave has a BA in political science from the University of Rochester and an MS in business analytics from the University of Colorado Denver.

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