Are you ready to learn how to purchase your first investment property?

Ashley is the host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Podcast. She purchased her first rental property in 2014 and since then has grown her buy and hold portfolio to over 30 units. She has experience in residential and commercial properties and credits much of her success to the use of partners on several real estate deals and creative financing. Currently, Ashley outsources property management and spends her time educating new investors and finding deals to BRRRR.

“The BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Bootcamp is the lifeline you need! I gained a fantastic network and vanquished my analysis paralysis to get a deal under contract in 90 days!

Danie Stover | Minneapolis, MN
Meet your instructor, Ashley Kehr

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What is

Join our 10 week bootcamp designed to prepare real estate investing rookies like you to take the first step toward financial freedom. 

Quick facts

A 10 week bootcamp designed to help you take the first steps toward financial freedom.

Course Dates: October 11 - December 13

Time Commitment: 2 hours per week

Live Session Schedule: Weekly on Mondays @ 8 p.m. ET

What's Included: Weekly on-demand videos, live Q&A sessions, exclusive resources & classmates for accountability & support

Instructor: Ashley Kehr, host of the BiggerPockets Rookie Podcast

Cost: $489 (inclusive of $290 Pro Annual membership with code FALLBOOTCAMP and $199 bootcamp add-on cost)

Pro Annual membership benefits

In addition to your 10 week Rookie Bootcamp, your BiggerPockets Pro Annual membership provides the ongoing real estate investing tools, additional education, and community resources you need to get your next deal faster. Benefits include:

  • Property analysis calculators and rent estimator tools
  • Member exclusive content, such as monthly market reports

  • Pro exclusive events and webinars

  • Lawyer-approved lease agreements

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  1. Become a BiggerPockets Pro Annual Member and use offer code FALLBOOTCAMP for $100 off your first year.

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Real estate investing strategies
Understand the different ways to invest in real estate and choose the right strategy for you, right now.
Choosing a market & finding deals
Learn how to choose the right geographic market to invest in, based on your goals, and find the best deals.
Review different types of loans, partnerships, and financing options to feel confident in your plan to fund your first deal.
Analyzing deals & estimating costs
Use our exclusive resources to walk step-by-step through analyzing deals to practice making investment decisions.
Making offers & negotiating
Learn strategies to make offers, negotiate, and ultimately close the deal.
Property management
Understand the basics and what you need to successfully manage your first property.


After completing the bootcamp, you’ll have everything you need to purchase your first investment property. The Real Estate Rookie Bootcamp covers:


Enroll in the Rookie Bootcamp 

Join us October 11 - December 13 to learn how to buy your first investment property.

  1. Become a BiggerPockets Pro Annual Member and use offer code FALLBOOTCAMP for $100 off your first year.

  2. Opt in to the Rookie Bootcamp on your payment confirmation page

How to sign up

Sign up for Pro Annual
  • On-demand videos from real estate investing expert, Ashley Kehr
  • Live, weekly Q&A sessions with real estate investing experts

  • Weekly homework assignments to apply your knowledge

  • An accountability group based on your investing interests, location, and more

  • Exclusive resources and worksheets designed to help you close your first deal

Bootcamp features

Don't forget to use offer code FALLBOOTCAMP for $100 off!

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