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September 8 - November 16

Learn the fundamentals of house hacking to unlock a powerful way to build wealth by generating income from your primary residence with expert Craig Curelop.

House hacking doesn’t just mean living with a roommate. Join house hacking expert Craig Curelop for this 10-week course as he shares a treasure trove of house hacking strategies that will have you earning maximum cash flow without sacrificing the comfort or privacy of your primary residence. During market shifts and an uncertain economy, house hacking is the go-to strategy for new investors that don’t want to stay on the real estate investing sidelines. Don’t wait to get started! 

You and about 500 other House Hacking Bootcampers will watch weekly lecture videos, complete homework assignments, attend live, online Q&A sessions with your instructor, participate in accountability groups to keep you on track, and network with fellow Bootcampers. 

Bootcamp overview

Course Dates:
September 8 - November 16

Live Session Schedule:
Weekly on Wednesdays @ 8 p.m. ET

Time Commitment:
2 hours per week

What's Included:
Weekly video content, live Q&A class sessions, exclusive resources, and classmates for accountability and support

Craig Curelop, house hacking expert, experienced investor, and author of The House Hacking Strategy

The House Hacking Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to learn from Craig Curelop, other experts, and your fellow classmates through a variety of features:

Bootcamp features

Video course content
Before the weekly Q&A sessions, you'll complete your coursework online, including short, pre-recorded lectures from Craig. Plus, you'll have access to your video lectures after the bootcamp ends.

Live Q&A sessions
Meet as a group online at the end of each week to ask questions about the course material. 

Access to accountability groups
Optional accountability groups give you the opportunity to connect with your classmates in smaller groups and cheer each other on throughout the course.

Exclusive resources and worksheets
Get exclusive resources and worksheets, designed by your instructor, to track progress, make decisions, and more. 

Agent Finder Concierge
Work with the BiggerPockets Concierge service to find and connect with investor-friendly real estate agents in your area.

Weekly homework assignments
Tackle weekly homework assignments like reaching out to investor-friendly agents and creating a tenant criteria list.

What people are saying

"My family of five is house hacking a triplex. It's been a game-changer for our finances and fast tracked us to financial freedom. Craig is the man!"

- BiggerPockets listener

Each week, you and your classmates will learn from Craig and other expert investing guests about the topic of the week. The course is structured to follow you step-by-step as you learn to generate rental income from your primary residence.


House hacking 101

Jumpstart your real estate investing career and finally get off the sidelines. Learn the pros and cons of house hacking and understand how to make this strategy work for you.

Finding and analyzing deals

Learn what it takes to source deals that produce the highest income earning potential, which metrics to analyze, and how to make smart investment decisions.


Decide which financing option is right for your house hack. Whether you choose a traditional option or need to get creative, this course will help you weigh your options.

Building your team

Learn about recommended vendors and support systems to set up as you prepare to become a landlord.

Marketing your property and selecting tenants

Prepare your property for rent by determining rental rates and marketing your listing. Then, navigate the fundamentals of Fair Housing Laws, credit and background checks, and processes to accept applicants as tenants. 

Managing the property

Understand best practices for tenant management and communication. Learn how to prepare for move-in and collect rent, get tips for your property handbook, and facilitate maintenance requests.

Pro Annual membership benefits

In addition to your House Hacking Bootcamp, BiggerPockets Pro Annual membership helps you become a better investor.

 You'll gain unlimited access to deal analysis tools, digest educational content, and engage with our community to find and close your next deal faster. 

Analysis calculators and rent estimator tools

Analyze investment properties in minutes—and determine which ones are worth pursuing.

Pro Exclusive events and bootcamps

Grow your network and your knowledge base at in-person and  virtual meet-ups, events and courses.

Pro exclusive videos and articles

Get access to curated article and video content, plus exclusive reports covering everything you need to make smart investments and avoid bad markets.

Lawyer-approved lease agreements

Save time and money and minimize risk with lawyer-approved lease documents for all 50 states.

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Are you ready to jumpstart your real estate investing career and finally get off the sidelines?

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Join our 10-week bootcamp designed to help you house hack with confidence so you can build the life of your dreams through real estate investing.

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Meet your instructor,
Craig Curelop

Craig Curelop is a real estate investor, author, and a huge believer in the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement. He started with a negative net worth in 2016, but between sleeping on the couch and renting out his personal car, he was able to save the money he needed to invest in two Denver house hacks and a BRRRR property in Jacksonville. He officially reached financial freedom in 2019, yet he continues his search for ways to optimize his life from a time and money perspective. As seen in The Denver Post, BBC, and his own book The House Hacking Strategy, Craig hopes to inspire the masses to grab hold of their finances. He currently lives in Denver, CO, where he enjoys biking, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends and family.

Enrollment is now open.


Bootcamp Bonus Features!

All fall BiggerPockets Bootcamp students will receive FREE access to a mini-tax course with expert CPA,  Amanda Han. This introductory tax course will help you unlock the power of tax savings as a real estate investor so you save smart and don’t run the risk of overpaying. Once you have completed the bootcamp, you’ll receive instructions on how to enroll.  



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