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Each state has different landlord-tenant laws, which is why we have licensed attorneys review our forms in-depth. 

This legal form starter pack will give you the most common forms needed to launch your land lording business.




Download the forms in PDF format for easy printing and use.

Lease Agreement Packages for all 50 States

8+ forms including: 

•  Comprehensive Residential Lease

•  Pet Addendum

•  Lease Extension

•  Rental Application

•  Lease Guaranty

•  Move-in/Move-out Form

•  Lease Amendment

•  Lease Addendum

We're so confident you'll find these forms incredibly useful and valuable that we'll make this risk-free for you.

If you don't think these are the best forms for the money, just email within 30 days for a 100% refund. It's just the right way to do business.


*The Documents are not a substitute for legal or professional advice. Any Document may be inappropriate for your particular use case or situation. You may need to customize a Document to your specific situation, including the laws that apply to you. Additionally, rules, regulations, or laws may require different or additional provisions to achieve your desired result. Accordingly, you should consult with an attorney or appropriate professional advisor licensed in the relevant jurisdiction (a) before using Documents (whether modified or not) and (b) if you need legal or professional advice.

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“One of the major challenges of being a new real estate investor is finding a solid lease that is affordable and usable by non-realtors.  BiggerPockets’ state-specific, lawyer-reviewed Landlord Forms provided exactly what we needed at just the right time (and for a great price!)" 

"The BiggerPockets Landlord Forms came at the perfect time! We had just purchased a new house and planned to rent out our previous home.  We did not feel comfortable using generic forms; we wanted something that reflected the unique landlord-tenant laws in our state. BiggerPockets came through! And at a price that was a fraction of what we would have paid an attorney to draft them up!  We have already used them and our tenant is moving in next month!!"

"The BiggerPockets Landlord forms are extremely helpful. I was having trouble with my current tenant and went to BP to help with everything to ensure my next tenant would be better. These landlord forms were way better than what I had previously used. As a young investor looking quickly expand my portfolio, having these forms will insure I have a great system in place. Thank you and BP for all that you do."

Randy & Laura Dobbins, CA First-Time Landlords

Aaron & Erin Rader, TX Real Estate Investors

Jay Lorenzo, New Highly Motivated Real Estate Investor

"As a self managing owner I am thrilled to have these landlord forms.  It shortens my search for California forms that are vetted legally and makes my job all that much easier.  Thank-you Bigger Pockets"

Dawn Matze, 
BiggerPockets Pro Member

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Protect Your Investment with Lawyer-Approved Lease Agreements 

Our comprehensive, state-specific packages include residential applications, leases, extensions, pet addendums, and more. Plus, they've been reviewed by legal experts, so you can be confident you're protecting yourself and your investment.

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