Don't Let Life Slip Through Your Fingers

Are you looking for a real plan to leave the 9-5 and live life on your terms? 

Set for Life, written by 26-year-old financially independent Scott Trench, contains more than 240 pages of detailed, step-by-step instructions to achieve financial freedom. Set for Life presumes that you are starting with little to nothing and walks you through the accumulation of the first $25,000 in net worth, then the first $100,000, then financial freedom.

Regardless of your position in life, Set for Life will teach you everything you need to know to build a lifestyle, career, and investment portfolio capable of supporting financial freedom decades earlier than your peers and allowing you to live the life of your dreams.

"Fantastic book. This is perfect for readers who enjoyed "The Four Hour Workweek", but found Ferris' approach too aspirational. This book provides realistic steps that anyone can take to feel more confident about their financial future, and provides a nice north star for those interested in saving for something better."

Best book on early financial freedom I've read in a decade. 

I've read all of Kiyosaki's books and Dave Ramsey's as well. This is a perfect blend of the two philosophies. The dangers of Kiyosaki's material is if you actually do the stuff he recommends, you could go bankrupt in a hurry. Downside of Ramsey is it's not aggressive enough and you're unlikely to retire early (unless you build a business like he did). Scott Trench shows you how to be both frugal as well as increase your earnings, all without much risk. I listened to the audio and bought the physical book as well to have on my shelf as a reference."

Scott has knocked it out of the park! In my opinion, anyone in their 20s-30s that is looking to vastly increase wealth, decrease unnecessary spending, and build solid financial habits should read this book. As a recent college graduate beginning my career, the lessons learned from this book are invaluable. This is not a get rich quick scheme but instead a methodology on creating a lifestyle based on frugality, saving, and investing. The book provides a very easy to follow guide on how to set yourself up for financial freedom without any hype or far-fetched ideas. A+!

John Butler
from Miami, FL

Joy Haley
Investor from Berrien Springs, Michigan

Zack Niemeyer
Investor for Tempe, AZ

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Scott Trench is a perpetual student of personal finance, real estate investing, sales, business, and personal management. He is a real estate investor, VP of Operations at, salesman, and author.

He is a proponent of a different kind of money management, one that involves frugality, calculated risks, and a lot of hard work. He now shares the knowledge he has acquired so that others will have the tools they need to repeat his results in just three to five years, giving them the option to go anywhere they want in the world, work any job, start any business, or finish out the journey to financial independence and retire young.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

This book is written for a very specific audience

  • Folks that are looking for an aggressive approach to early financial freedom
  • Folks working a full-time job that earns around $40,000 per year or more
  • Folks willing to make serious changes to their lifestyles, careers, and money management, and thus make serious changes to their lives

Theis book is truly designed for everyone who has ever considered achieving financial independence.

Which package should I buy?

To provide the most value but still make sure everyone can afford to read this, BiggerPockets has released the book in several price packages:

Digital and Audio Versions: If you don't want a physical copy of the book to keep on your shelf, but only plan to read the book on your iPad, Kindle, or other e-reader, choose the Digital+Bonus Bundle. Or, choose the extremely well-reviewed audio-version and listen to the book.

Ultimate Bundle: Get the best of both worlds. Get the digital content today, delivered straight to your email inbox. This includes all digital bonus content. PLUS, get a physical hardcover copy of the book shipped straight to your doorstep. Please allow 7-10 days for shipping of the physical book... we're running as fast as we can.

What Is the meaning of life?

This question is quite common, so let's address it. While we can't tell you the exact meaning of life, we can tell you a few things we are confident are NOT the meaning of life. Slaving away at a 9-5 job for forty years, just to retire on what's left of our social security system is not the meaning of life. Not having enough financial resources to support your favorite charity is not the meaning of life. Missing your kids' soccer games, drama club plays, and ballet recitals because you were too busy working is not the meaning of life. I think most Americans can agree to those. So why do so many people spend their lives worshipping at the alter of work? Free yourself. Refuse to be part of a culture that values work over relationships. Find ways to create passive income so you can build your own dreams rather than spend the next decade building someone else's. Stop buying so much crap you don't need to impress people you don't like. Don't let society dictate your destiny. Get out there. Travel. Take risks. Read. Love. And then give back. 

Oh, and pick up a copy of this book. It'll help. 

Do you sell in bulk orders? 

For orders of ten copies or more of either book, email with your request. Significant discounts are given for group orders, up to 30%. 

Why should I buy this book?

Financial freedom seems to be everyone’s goal, but very few ever find it. At BiggerPockets, we believe financial freedom is in reach of anyone willing to take the time to learn the best ways to grow wealth - and this book offers a clear blueprint for anyone looking for a detailed strategy.

BiggerPockets commissioned the writing of this book because although there are numerous books in existence already about this subject, most were written in an economic time very different from today, are too aggressive/conservative, or are vague and lack detailed instructions. We wanted to show people that financial freedom IS achievable, and that there ARE proven ways to give yourself a great chance at achieving it early in life. 

What if I want a refund?

We are so confident that this book will absolutely blow you away that we offer a 100% no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee. If this book doesn't help you form a robust plan to achieve financial freedom - we will refund your entire purchase amount, within 30 days.  For a refund request, just send an email to Refunds not applicable for books purchased on Amazon or other third-party retailers. 



This book will teach you how to go from little (or no) net worth and a median income (or less) to financial freedom within 5 years!

Plus - get a FREE Bonus ebook "Six Steps to Eliminating Debt and Repairing Credit!" Keep Reading to find out more! 

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For some people, personal debt is the biggest obstacle to making real progress towards financial freedom. For others, debt is not a major concern or nonexistent. Set for Life's detailed plan begins for the person with neither assets, nor debt. If you've got lots of personal debt, as an added bonus to Set for Life, BiggerPockets and Scott Trench are giving away another eBook for FREE: Six Steps to Eliminating Debt and Repairing Credit.

In Six Steps to Eliminating Debt and Repairing CreditScott Trench pulls back the curtain on the debt elimination process and shows you not only debt interest ranges and types, and the costs associated with them, but also the framework and methodology behind developing a plan to pay off bad debts as soon as possible.

You'll discover how to view, analyze, and understand personal debts so that you can protect yourself in the future and mitigate past mistakes, track your progress, and learn the differences between "good" and "bad" debts and how to handle the different types. 

"Cogently written and ideal for those beginning their careers who are not averse to risk; some may find this fiscal plan too audacious, but others will likely embrace its spirit and pursue it with fervor." - Kirkus Reviews

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Financial runway is the number of years that you can maintain your lifestyle without the need for wage-paying work. Lengthening this provides increasing flexibility and opportunities for you throughout your life.


Part I of the book teaches you how to make the necessary changes to go from little to no savings to preserving over 50 percent of one's middle class income. This enables you to build out initial financial runway rapidly.

Correctly executed, a house-hack will allow the reader to live for free, AND give the option to retain a cash flowing rental property when they move out. Its perhaps the best way imaginable to buy a first home.



The Financial Runway developed Through Frugality and House-Hacking opens up an increasing number of opportunities to earn more money - whether through new business ventures, investment opportunities, or performance based pay.


As financial runway lengthens, the focus shifts away from the production of earned income, to generating a return on assets. You'll be exposed to a detailed investment framework that will guide you towards REAL assets that support financial freedom.


Learn how to automatically track your spending, income, and net worth on a daily basis so that you optimize your financial plan for early financial freedom. Set for Life also provides a complete goal setting system so that you can set goals and track your time.


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Purchase Set for Life from BiggerPockets and in addition to Six Steps to Eliminating Debt and Repairing Credityou'll also get...

Four Bonus Interviews with Financial Experts

House-Hacking Webinar Taught by Scott

Spreadsheets and Worksheets

Goal-Setting Template


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